AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Taking theatre to the people

2014-05-20 15:37:36

Cast of The Tin Forest (Colin Hattersley)

Sandy Grierson (Tim Morozzo)

Sandy Grierson as Ivor Cutler (Tim Morozzo)

Scene from Dunsinane (Richard Campbell)

Siobhan Redmond in Dunsinane (photo Richard Campbell)

The Right One (Manuel Harlan)

Today we continue our conversation with Neil Murray, Executive Producer with the National Theatre of Scotland (NTS).

NTS is a ‘Theatre without Walls’! It has no theatre itself  but all year the company travels around Scotland performing in many established theatres, halls, clubs and even pubs. Indeed, it will perform anywhere it can be close to the people.

The headquarters of NTS is in Glasgow, Scotland’s cultural capital and home to many national cultural and media organisations.  Glasgow is famous for its artistic and musical heritage – many famous actors have come out of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama along with world leading artists educated at the Glasgow School of Art. However some of the city’s lively culture is developed in its thriving pub scene – pubs in Glasgow are not simply places where people drink. They are places where people gather to talk, to perform music and a place they go to after watching plays performed, for example, by the NTS.

The National Theatre of Scotland goes well beyond Glasgow. It is busy in the capital city, Edinburgh, during its International Festival every August. NTS travels to remote islands and performs in small village halls. It is truly a people’s theatre and presently the Company is touring China with its stunning performance of ‘Dunsinane’, the sequel to Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’.