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The Hutongs Mumbai Connection

2015-08-04 17:06:10

Gateway of India Mumbai

Historic bakery for breakfast in Mumbai

Mumbai main railway terminus

Municipal Corporation of Mumbai

Popular street food in Mumbai

Reshma enjoying breakfast in Mumbai


Reshma Khan has made her home in Beijing. Within culinary circles she is increasingly well known and popular for introducing many people to the amazing cuisine of her homeland, India. Among her many roles, Reshma teaches Indian cuisine at The Hutong - the popular cultural exchange centre near Beixinqiao. Bruce is talking with Reshma at The Hutong, a place he also loves to visit and to introduce people to.
Reshma also takes her great food including her renown biriyani rice dishes to social events across Beijing.
In today's feature Reshma and Bruce are talking about her home city of Mumbai, India's major business centre. Reshma still has family there - a reason for her to return pregularly. Back in Beijing she talks fondly of the great street food of the city as well as its finer cuisine based on dishes from across India.
Mumbai is also India's film capital affectionately known as Bollywood! Architecturally there are many architectural reminders from the former British colonial era - one legacy is the widespread use of English
In the autumn, when the weather can be really beautiful in Mumbai, Reshma plans to lead a tour group, organised through The Hutong to explore the wonders of Mumbai - food will certainly feature highly throughout that journey.