AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Encouraging people to discover more of the surrounding rural area

2015-08-09 18:46:19



Construction of The Brickyard (emily tang spear)

Dining at The Schoolhouse Mutianyu (emily tang spear)

Liang Tang and Jim Spear (robert mcleod)

 Mutianyu Villagers (robert mcleod)

Restoration of village house at Mutianyu (robert mcleod)

Vegetable farming at The Brickyard (emily tang spear)




In today’s final feature with Jim Spear Bruce is talking with him at the ‘Brickyard’ – the latest property restoration at Mutianyu in Beijing’s Huairou created by Jim and his wife Liang Tang.

The Brickyard is a quality boutique hotel transformed out of a former glazed tile factory. One of its key features is the excellent view of the Great Wall from the bedrooms. The hotel is in a very peaceful, rural area where guests can reconnect with nature. Visitors are encouraged to cycle and walk in the surrounding area. A detailed walking guide is available for them to explore on their own and to discover there is much more to Mutianyu apart from the Great Wall. For example, in surrounding villages there are lovely restaurants serving up food created from local farm products.

Jim is a great believer in his guests meeting the local community while appreciating the area’s physical and human geography. The villagers are very welcoming to visitors coming into their neighbourhoods.

There is great hope that what Jim Spear and his wife Liang Tang have created at Mutianyu can be a model for rural communities in other areas around major cities – Jim points to the number of villages around his project that have lost population in recent years with some even being abandoned. So far, what Jim has helped to create is looking very positive and certainly has attracted considerable local and even international attention.