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Director of the Edinburgh International Festival visits Beijing

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Fergus Linehan Director Edinburgh International Festival

Macnas in Beijing 2013

SSO and David Robertson Sydney Opera House (credit John Marmaras)

Strolling in Dublin

Sydney Opera House

Traditional singing during Jig performance Beijing 2013



Director of the Edinburgh International Festival visits Beijing



For seventy years the Edinburgh International Festival has brought world leading artistic and cultural talent to Scotland's historic capital. The city provides an amazing backdrop to the Festival, held every August. Such has been the success that many equally successful events have grown up alongside it such as The Fringe and the spectacular Military Tattoo on the Castle Esplanade. With so many events the city's population in August doubles from 500,000 to over one million



Ferguson Linehan is the current Director of the Festival, this being his first year in charge. Recently he was in Beijing as part of a major delegation of leaders from Scottish business, arts, culture and education.

今年开始,Ferguson Linehan将成为爱丁堡国际文化节负责人。最近有一支苏格兰访问团来华访问,访问团成员包括来自苏格兰经济、艺术、文化、教育领域的领导人,Ferguson Linehan也在其中。


Fergus grew up within an artistic family in the Irish capital, Dublin. He produced many plays, worked with talented poets such as Seamus Heaney and went on to direct the Dublin Theatre Festival. His career took him to Sydney where he was Head of Contemporary Music at the Sydney Opera House as well as Artistic Director for the Sydney Festival and 'Vivid Live'. He was in Beijing partly to look for modern Chinese performances to incorporate into what today is one of the World's leading international festivals.

Ferguson Linehan出生在爱尔兰首都都柏林的一个艺术氛围浓厚的家庭。他曾创作过剧本;曾与一批才华出众的诗人合作过,如Seamus Heaney;也曾负责过都柏林戏剧节。因为他成绩不凡,悉尼歌剧院曾聘他为当代音乐的主管,兼任悉尼艺术节、VIVID LIVE的艺术总监。他曾来过北京,寻找可以参加世界级艺术节的中国现代艺术表演。