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A quite different concept of motor racing comes again to Beijing

2015-09-07 10:05:08



A sense of speed


Beautiful design of  Formula E car


Beijing 2014 Formula E


Concentration on the driving


Drivers at Bird's Nest 2014


Formula E car


On October 17 Beijing will again be hosting the inaugural Formula E motor race. Last year, 2014, China’s capital hosted the first event in this exciting venture. The 2015 Beijing ‘e-Prix’  will feature international teams of drivers, including China, aiming to be World Champions in this new world of Formula motor sports.

May Tang is Chief Operating Officer of Enova Holdings, the exclusive regional partner in promoting the Formula E event here in Beijing. In today’s feature May starts by explaining how two cars are used by each driver. Cars are battery powered and each battery is very heavy - so instead of changing batteries the drivers change cars! The process of driving the cars is also quite different to conventional driving - photographs show more of a computer style of management by the drivers - many elements resemble touch pads on the steering control.


The race will be held again at the Olympic Green, at a time usually of lovely weather in Beijing.  The aim is for a family day out. Excellent public transport should result in visitors traveling by metro and not driving.  There is a day long programme of events which allows maximum interaction between spectators and the racing. Apart from the excitement of the main race there are on-going activities including the chance to ‘drive’ a simulator car.

The idea naturally is to encourage people to think about sustainable, environmentally friendly travel - this event should be a great incentive towards that goal.

More information about the Beijing ‘e-Prix’ can be found at