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RSAA - Bringing sustainable architecture to China

2015-12-31 11:43:04

RSAA - Bringing sustainable architecture to China


Whether you are aware of it or not, architecture is an inseparable part of our lives. It’s all around us, shaping our lives and our cities, making us literally walk in a certain path and influencing our mood. 

In the 21st century architecture also assumes the responsibility of making our cities more environmental friendly and promote sustainable lifestyle.

Based in Cologne, Germany and in Beijing, China multinational architect firm RSAA focuses on Eco-city and sustainable architectural design.

FM Lifestyle met with principle architect and partner Ziyu Zhuang and with project architect Fabian Wieser to learn more about the aims and goals of a leading architect firm in this new era.


Ziyu Zhuang, Principle Architect and Partner

Fabian Wieser Project Architect

Listening to Ziyu and Fabian introducing their projects we learned that sustainable architecture is more than being environmental friendly, it’s mostly about creating an environment, making people feel and have a holistic experience when visiting a building.


Taiyuan B&T Center

Whether it is a school or a government building, making the visitors feel the flow of the structure and form a connection with it is key.

 Tianjin No. 4 Highschool

Tianjin No. 4 Highschool

The use of natural materials allows the indoor and outdoor space to blend in an organic way bringing natural light and green landscape to every corner of people’s lives.

Nanjing Jinling Hotel

Nanjing Jinling Hotel

Rules are meant to be broken, and while referring to traditional architectural schemes, creating new concepts and defining new lines even for the most traditional structures can give the visitor a brand new fresh a unique experience.

Zhangjiagang Church

Zhangjiagang Church

Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to go out and find it. For RSAA inspiration is found in a beautiful ancient courtyard at the heart of old Beijing, right under the Drum Tower.

View from the rooftop outdoor working space of RSAA Beijing Office

Though you might expect a leading architect firm to have its offices located in the shining CBD area or the financial hub of the city, according to Ziyu and Fabian, the courtyard house provides a direct connection to the city and its old creative heart.

Finding the location and falling in love with it was just the beginning. The RSAA team spent almost a year renovating the old courtyard house, always being careful not to interfere with the original architecture and to preserve the essence of the building.

RSAA Beijing Office

For the international team of RSAA, with architects from China, Europe and North-America the Beijing location is indeed a source for inspiration. Sharing a traditional courtyard working space with colleagues and taking a long walk in the surrounding alleys after lunch, taking in the sights sounds and smells of old Beijing keeps them in close connection with the city they are creating in. 

The International Team of Architects and Designers at the RSAA Beijing Office

And of course, if you have to work late, there is always the breathtaking scene of the old Drum Tower to keep you inspired.

View from the Courtyard of RSAA Beijing Office

Model Shooting at the RSAA Beijing Office


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