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Fine Dining By The Forbidden City – TRB Bites

2016-01-04 12:07:19


The new addition to the TRB restaurants brand TRB Bites opened in late 2015.

Less than three six months after its opening the restaurant has already established itself as one of the trendiest new-eats in town.

Gail met with Ignace Lecleir, the man behind the TRB concept, to talk about TRB, TRB Bites and the changes in the fine dining scene in the capital over the last decade.


Located in an ancient building overlooking the east gate of the Forbidden City, TRB Bites offers exciting modern cuisine in a welcoming stylish environment and of course, incredible view.

Take a seat by the window, any window, because you don’t want to miss this view!

The décor in TRB Bites is clean and simple, not to interrupt the building’s architecture and of course what else do you need when outside the red walls of the Forbidden City and the moat surrounding it provide living scenery that changes with each season.

The white walls and window-frames provide a gentle paspartu for the intense colors of the old imperial city. 

All TRB restaurants are located in ancient buildings, all make sure to never let the décor interrupt the original architecture style.

TRB Bites’ open kitchen is promising to host world renown chefs from all over the world in the coming year too.

No art in the restaurant. Fresh flower arrangements that change daily reflect the time of year and changing seasons according to Chinese tradition.

And now for the food!

TRB Bites is offering a more casual menu that its older sister TRB at more affordable prices and with lots of sharing options.

The trademark TRB “make your own menu” concept was taken to a new level at TRB Bites where diners have complete freedom and a great variety of dishes to choose from.

It is a perfect place to come to with a group of friends and try EVERYTHING on the menu.

The famous TRB bread basket

Ignace and the TRB team like to surprise their guests. All kinds of little bites may show up at your table unexpected. All unique and absolutely delicious!

Crispy fried shrimps and salmon ceviche. These little bites may show up at your table unexpectedly. 

More small bites while you are designing your menu…

We started with the Escabeche of Shellfish, Cream Cheese and Green Herbs

Followed by a wonderful dish of Bone Marrow and Snails topped with Garlic and Parsley

As “Bites from the Sea” we tried the salmon with walnuts and cabbage. The perfectly cooked fish and some surprise Beijing classic cuisine ingredients made this one of my favorite mains.


The Veal Tenderloin makes a perfect main course for meat lovers.

And then there are the desserts. When we were kids we said that every meal is just an excuse to have dessert, and if like me, this is the highlight of a meal for you, expect to be indulged at TRB Bites.

Chocolate & Milk Textures, Chocolate Mousse, Milk & Chocolate Foam. The name of this dessert speaks for itself.

This combination plate of textures and shapes offers a full range of amusement for your palate, from frozen chocolate chunks to warm smooth milk sauce and every sweet thing in between.

And we said bring a friend right? This way you can make sure you try more than one dessert.

Mint Mousse in hot Chocolate Ganache

Small surprise bites from the wonderful TRB bakery may keep arriving at your table even after you had your dessert.

And now all that’s left to do is sit back, enjoy a glass of champagne with a warm batch of freshly baked Madeleine and watch the slow moving world of old Beijing by the moat of the Forbidden City.   


TRB Bites

Address: No.95 Donghuamen, Dongcheng District, Beijing China


Tel+86 10 6401 6676

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